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Semi-Annual SALE Happening Now – Prices Starting at $6.99

You won’t want to miss the A M A Z I N G savings that only happen 2 times a year at Too Qute Boutique! Prices as low as $6.99, most at $9.99, including this season’s most fashionable colors and styles! Unique boutique pieces are a fun addition to your closet and you can’t beat the prices such as this adorable peach floral accordian top for just $9.99!

While you’re checking out the amazing sales, don’t forget to peruse the fun accessories. My personal favorite is the line of whimsical hats, like this qutie below, perfect for dog lovers! I am definitely going to wear this one when we get our Goldendoodle this Fall!!

Scoot on over to Too Qute Boutique before everything is gone! Happy shopping, friends!

xo, Sarah

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An Unbiased Review: Easily Applied Color Street Nail Strips are Perfect for Busy or Impatient People!

I hadn’t tried nail strips after using Jamberry a few times years ago because honestly, I thought it would be a huge hassle and I wasn’t overly impressed with what I had tried. That said, while at an event for Too Qute Boutique, my opinion totally changed of nail strips after getting a sample of Color Street!

Back in my school days and as a young adult before having kids (sweet lil time suckers!), I used to make a weekly home manicure part of my routine because I have always enjoyed having color on my nails and coordinating with my outfits. I had a drawer-full of color organized polishes and loved having fresh polish on my nails. After kids, time became more important (time, what time?!) and I got away from using polishes because I also moved away from chemicals. I ditched all my old polishes and only used Zoya since they are free of the 3 most toxic nailpolish chemicals. Even with Zoya, though, I rarely have time to do my nails and wait for the polish to dry…seriously why does it take so long even with a quick dry top coat??! And I have just forgotten about trying to do Miss M’s nails, even though I knew she would love the color, but she has absolutely ZERO patience and it would’ve ended up a mess.

Color Street nail strips are totally different! They are made from 100% real polish, easy to apply and long lasting! Kind of like super duty stickers for your nails. I get at least 2 weeks from each manicure when wearing gloves to wash dishes. I am a really huge hand washer, too, so it bespeaks of the quality of the product. I am not affiliated with Color Street in any capacity, I just want to share this product with other busy ladies and to explain how the nail strips are great to use with individuals with special needs like Miss M who don’t have the patience to sit for a regular manicure. Read on to learn more!

Color Street’s products are super easy to use: First, clean each nail with the included alcohol prep wipe and let dry for a few seconds (this will prepare the nail for the product). Each package includes the simple steps and once you apply one nail strip, the rest will be a breeze!

  • Hold nail strips up to nail to find the strip that will fit your particular nail the best (there are multiple sizes to choose from!)
  • Remove clear cover from nail strip
  • Peel polish strip
  • Tear tab off the end
  • Apply strip to nail and gently stretch to fit
  • Tear end off (excess)
  • Push any jagged edges underneath and gently file any excess material
  • If any nail strip gets on your skin, just use the edge of your nail or the edge of the nail file to gently get the strip off the skin

It’s honestly just as easy as this! Just the second time doing all 10 of my fingernails took under 15 minutes and I anticipate it will get faster each time as I get more comfortable working with the product. The best part for me was being able to apply the strips to Miss M’s piggies because she absolutely LOVES anything sparkly, glittery or shiny. Since she doesn’t have the patience to sit and wait for a mani or pedi to dry, this totally solved our problems! I would put one on, let her run around for a few minutes, then repeat. 🙂 Although she’s nonverbal and can’t tell me what she thought, her happy squeals were all I needed to know regarding her feelings on her pretty piggies!

My super friendly Color Street consultant, Wendy, was kind enough to show us how Color Street can be coordinated with some of our fun Spring outfit combos at Too Qute Boutique! Take a look at the options below and let us know what you think! All of her nail strips are B3G1 free and range from $11-$13 for a pack. Each pack has given me 2 manicures which is a great value for as long lasting as their products are! Personally, I prefer the glittery type as it seems easier to hide any application mistakes that I make, but there are dozens of beautiful options.

What’s your favorite combo? Reach out to Wendy here for info or to shop her amazing products and contact me if you have any questions about the Springy outfits above – everything is in stock and online now at Too Qute Boutique!

Happy Spring!

xo – Sarah

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2Qute 2Go Styling Parties: Earn FREE Clothes, Accessories and Home Decor

During this personalized styling experience, you (the hostess) and your guests (minimum of 10 guests preferred) will receive a special view of our designer collection of hand-selected boutique items. Your group will receive personalized styling tips in the comfort of your own home and geared toward your individual lifestyles! Guests will be able to try on clothes, have a fashion show and see our unique selection of boutique home decor and accessory items! 

Hosting a 2Qute 2Go party is so easy! All you have to do is gather your girlfriends with some yummy foods and drinks and I will do the rest! Each style party is 3 hours in length and guests will be able to take their purchases immediately (no ordering, no waiting, no shipping charges!). 

A private party group will be set up on Facebook prior to the event so your guests can see some of our newest arrivals and ask questions before coming to your party! You and your guests will be able to purchase EXCLUSIVE boutique items, only available to those attending a 2Qute 2Go Party! 

There are MANY amazing perks to hosting a 2Qute 2Go Party with Too Qute Boutique! As the hostess, you will receive 10% of your party’s sales in FREE QUTIES! For example, if your party has $600 in sales, you will receive $60 in free merchandise (anything you choose that is in stock) from Too Qute Boutique! Plus, for every $300 in party sales, you will receive 1 item at 50% off! For example, if you host a $600 party, you’ll get 2 items at half off, plus $60 in free goodies! Your personalized party will remain open for 1 week after your actual party date, so you can continue to accumulate sales from any guests who couldn’t be at the actual party! There are no limits to how much you can earn! (See our chart below for examples.) 

Party Sales / Items at 50% Off / Store Credits (Freebies!):
$300 / 1  / $30
$600 / 2 /  $60
$900 / 3 /  $90
$1200 / 4 / $120
$1500 / 5 / $150

Have a friend who wants to host a 2Qute 2Go party? If she books a party at your party, you’ll get ONE MORE item at 50% off and so will she! Win/win!

Want to host a party but live outside our 2Qute 2Go region? Host an online party on Facebook! Contact me for details and check out what you can earn for free on our website Too Qute Boutique.

Ready to host? Contact me at or message me through Facebook or Instagram (Too Qute Boutique).

(Please note: A valid credit card number is required when selecting your party date. This will secure your date and 3 hours of Too Qute Boutique’s in home styling time. If your party has less than $250 of sales, $75 will be charged to your credit card to cover the 3 hour party. The $75 deposit will only be charged to you if after your party has been open for 1 week after the party date you do not meet the minimum sales of $250. If you have an ONLINE 2Qute 2Go party, the $75 booking fee does not apply.)

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Wear Blush Pink like Meghan Markle!

While it’s true that few of us will look as dashing as Meghan Markle looks in what is touted as her “signature color”, blush pink, we CAN wear this gorgeous hue and mix it with other shades to bring pops of color into our wardrobe.

The Duchess of Sussex has worn this beautiful hue to many events and she looks absolutely STUNNING. (Seriously though, she could enter a room wearing a paper bag and still look just as fab, am.i.right?!)

Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP

We are C R A Z Y over blush pink with black accessories, like the Duchess’s slingback heels and clutch, worn in the photo below with the Queen last Summer.

Getty Images

While we can’t all look like Meghan, sadly….sigh….we CAN incorporate her fashion sense and love of blush pink into our own Spring styles, without breaking the budget! By using the blush pink moto skinny denim from Too Qute Boutique as your base layer, you can bring this cheery color into your life for just $49 and mix and match it with loads of colors, creating unique outfits. You’ll find yourself gravitating to this color so much that it may just become YOUR signature color, too!

The Duchess tends to stick with basic, neutral and classic shades to mix with blush, so if that’s your jam, check out these timeless combos from Too Qute Boutique:

Black and white gingham is a classic color combo to pair with blush.
Check out the gingham details on the sleeve roll-ups!!
Love a bit more frill with neutral shades?
Don’t miss this gray, black and blush floral combo!

This gorgeous gingham top can be found here and for just $35, is an inexpensive way to add visual interest with blush denim (or white, black, or other colored jeans)! The floral top can be found here and can be worn year round, easily layered with a cardi or classic denim or trench coat in cooler temps! Love the color combo and flutter sleeve styling on this qutie as it is a very flattering style!

The Duchess of Sussex wears denim with ease and totally *owns* her outfits. Piecing together a look like this is absolutely doable with the right fit of clothes. Make sure you buy your size, don’t buy bigger than what you are, even if you are trying to hide flaws. The technique of buying bigger sizes always backfires because it makes you look larger than you are. When women come into the boutique to try on clothes, I have been told on more than one occasion “I can’t wear skinny jeans”….but I am here to tell you that YOU CAN and YOU SHOULD! No matter your size, stretchy, skinny jeans are flattering when paired with a top/jacket/etc. that flatters the fit. If you’re wearing skinny jeans on the bottom, wear a top with a bit of flare or length. Not super baggy. But most definitely NOT form fitted. Save your form fitted tops for when you wear a wider-leg bottom or flowing skirt. The proportion makes ALL the difference! As you can see below, the Duchess pairs distressed skinnies with a slightly loose top, tucked in on one side to create a put-together and flattering look.

Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

If you are confused about what to pair with blush skinny jeans, look at these trendy and unique items from Too Qute Boutique.Each has the right proportion to pair with a close-fitting pant. The tops are the perfect shapes to mix with skinnies! Love brighter shades? Check out the aqua on the left with the grommets around the neckline and loose sleeves. Looking for a more preppy look? Look at the navy and white striped middle top with tie sleeve and small pink floral detail. If neutrals make your heart flutter, don’t miss the option on the right – an Umgee grayed taupe knit top with TIERS on the back (you have to see how adorable it is, here).

When you see a color you love on a celebrity like the Duchess of Sussex, remember you can always replicate the looks yourself! (Maybe not at her price point…but that’s a topic for another day!) Find pictures of outfits you love, then piece together similar looks in a price point that works for you. If this is tricky for you, we are here to help! Contact us here and we’ll work with you to put together outfits you’ll feel amazing wearing!

Happy shopping, quties!

xo, Sarah